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Advanced Fire & Electrical was founded in Elizabeth Bay in 2012 by UK-trained electrician Tom Crook. The company has a strong record of growth and development, and Tom has become a well-known local identity.


Tom brings over 20 years’ experience to bear on all that he does and his reputation for care and quality service has secured a strong customer base of repeat and referral business.


Advanced Fire & Electrical places particular emphasis on sound diagnostics, quality design, and professional execution. The company employs licensed electricians and highly competent, well-trained support staff.

We are passionate about the fusion of cutting-edge electro-technology with the charm of heritage architecture and operating across a diversity of worksites throughout the area.

Our Clients Include:

  • Strata management committees

  • Company title boards

  • Local businesses

  • Property managers

  • Real estate agents

  • Landlords and property owners

  • Builders and developers

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