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Unrivalled quality


“We set an industry standard for rewiring” says Advanced Fire & Electrical founder Tom Crook. “Unfortunately, not all licensed sparkies are created equal, and sadly there is a lot of unsafe, non-compliant work that needs to be fixed.”


Advanced Fire & Electrical has been working specifically in high rise residential for years, and our Elizabeth Bay postcode has given us a familiarity with the format and management of old buildings in the area.


Our licensed electricians know and implement solutions complying with current Australian standards and building codes.


Protect the value and safety of your property


There are risks of both fire and electrocution from unsafe wiring. Fully compliant switchboards, safety protection devices and wiring distribution help protect the value and safety of your property.


Compliant electrical facilities also ensure the long-term safety and security of residents.


Electrical refurbishments help to keep your building fully insured since defective electrical work can invalidate claims made.

The right services for now and the future


Refurbishment offers a great opportunity to extend the quality and range of services available throughout your building.


From load monitoring and rebalancing to qualified assessments of capacity limits and selective service extensions, refurbishments build a stronger platform for improved service delivery.


The heritage building specialists


Historic buildings present their own challenges, and if you are sensitive to the conservation of heritage beauty during rewiring work, you want to be careful with your tradespeople. Advanced Fire & Electrical has carved out a niche specialising in the old architecture typical of Sydney’s Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay postcode.

Considerate service


Our company philosophy emphasises consideration and professionalism, not only towards the buildings we service, but of the people who live there. Our technicians are courteous and professional, and you can be assured we will respect your space.

Phased installation approach

Larger projects are staged pragmatically to accommodate orderly financing and rollout in your building. We always aim to deliver on budget and on schedule, providing you transparency throughout the project to keep you up to date as we progress.

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