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EV cars – the way of the future

Hybrid and electric vehicles have already arrived in Australia! They will only grow in number as they become more affordable, customer preferences change and governments encourage their uptake.


A strong business asset


  • Monetise charging time

  • Attract customers to your business and keep them there – charging times are longer than a petrol refuel!

  • Secure your place in the EV market, before the impacts on the grid start to limit supply

  • Capture the benefits of an emerging market now!

A planned solution

Not every building is the same, and not everyone’s needs are the same. EV chargers must be installed with a personalised approach. Advanced Fire and Electrical are full service electricians that will take your whole situation into account.


While your building’s energy is not unlimited, we provide intelligent diagnostics and management strategies to care for your building’s particular needs.

EV Chargers with:
  • Quality parts
  • Platform neutrality
  • Tailored solutions
  • Intelligent software
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