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Ensure your safety and compliance

Advanced Fire & Electrical offers thorough, reliable electrical assessment reports at the house, apartment or building-wide level. Our technicians check for unsafe or faulty wiring and switchboards, fire and electrocution risks, defective fittings and more.


Dedicated electrical appraisal

Regular, electrical inspections at the building-wide level are a great way to ensure compliance, safety and peace of mind, and to meet your obligations with insurers and potential buyers.


A comprehensive audit of a mid-size to larger apartment block, involving a detailed check of lighting and power circuits, switchboards, meters, and other electrical facilities, can be completed quickly and cost-effectively.

Purchasing a home or apartment?

Discover threats to your investment prior to purchase. Our comprehensive reports come with our guarantee of quality so you can rest assured your home and your investment are safe. Ensure your building is safe and compliant with relevant building codes and legislation.

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