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Committee Member Support

When a building is first alerted to the prospect of fundamental problems with its ageing electrical infrastructure, it is not always clear who should take charge or how to go about it. Advanced Fire & Electrical offers unparalleled education and support for committee members navigating electrical upgrade projects.

A challenging task

Generally, navigating the path forward falls to a committee or board member who has never dealt with a project of this nature before. It can be difficult for the average committee or board member to wrap their head around the project.

A committee member taking the lead will often be:

· time-poor

· not an electrician

· unpaid

· facing resistance from other committee members

· receiving conflicting advice on the necessary scope of work

· receiving drastically different quotes

· unsure of what is a building responsibility versus an apartment owner’s

· worried about the potential scale and cost of the project

What’s more, the managing agent may not be able to provide much guidance. The truth is, managing agents are usually very busy and used to dealing with smaller, routine maintenance rather than major upgrade projects with complex technical and legal considerations. An electrical upgrade project may be above and beyond their regular duties and beyond their expertise.

"Rewiring doesn't need to be a horrible and thankless task." – Tom Crook, AFE Director

We get it

At Advanced Fire & Electrical, we understand how challenging this can all feel for committee members. They must make executive decisions for an entire building, crossing trades and fields they have no experience in, all unpaid on top of their regular day job!

We are uniquely specialised in managing building rewires and upgrades in Sydney’s old, multi-residential apartment blocks. We have plenty of experience educating and supporting stakeholders through the entire process from start to finish.

· Educational materials

· Committee Q&A sessions

· Site walk throughs

· Optional EGM and AGM consultation and attendance

· Strong communication and transparency

· In-house or independent 3rd party engineers and project managers

Breaking it down

Like any challenging task, the trick is to break it down into manageable chunks.

At Advanced Fire & Electrical, we not only explain the issues and the project components clearly, we also tailor the approach to suit your requirements and budget. Our novel, staged implementation offering allows you to tackle the upgrade in bite-sized chunks, keeping the rollout and financing manageable while getting on top of the project.

We’ll walk you through

· Why you should do the project

· What needs to be done

· What the lines of responsibility and cost are

· How best to break down the project

· Your options for 3rd party scoping and/or project management

· Any other questions you may have

Call us today for a free, no-obligations site consultation.


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