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Why are my quotes so different?

Have you received wildly conflicting advice and quotes on a rewire project? Unfortunately, this challenge is not unusual.

Inconsistent advice and price

Many committees, when told they have a problem and need to rewire, immediately rush out to get three quotes. They are then often bewildered by the inconsistency of advice and pricing supplied to them.

The issue is twofold:

1. there are many ways to approach a complex electrical rollout

2. there is a huge range in the quality and experience of different contractors

A proposed solution may only tackle part of the problem, resolving the most immediate issue of compliance but not the problem of, say, service reliability and capacity. Sometimes the advice of a contractor may be cheaper but will not actually make your building compliant. Other times contractors cut corners and rely on inferior materials.

Inexperience can make suppliers overly optimistic. They may genuinely underestimate the difficulty of the task, resulting in a long list of variation money claims later in the project that ultimately costs more than the other quotes. Other times concealing the true cost of a project till later may be a deliberate tactic to win the contract.

Tendering process

If you are going to tender, you need to make sure the tenders are quoting on the same scope and quality of materials. In this case the best option is to enlist an experienced, independent, third-party engineer to advise on the required scope of work and design a detailed plan for an apples-to-apples tender process.

It is important to recruit someone with direct experience in this field. Speak to your managing agent for advice. If you need recommendations, we can refer you to engineers we have worked with in the past who we know are capable and honest, but with whom we are unaffiliated.

Direct to Project

Some of our clients prefer to forego the third-party engineer and accept a quote directly from us.

Advanced Fire & Electrical is uniquely experienced in this very particular field of work. You can have the maximum confidence our quotes factor in all the reasonably foreseeable expenses. We are honest, local traders. We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and integrity.

We have a long list of successful building rewires in some of Sydney’s most iconic, historic multi-residential buildings. We would be happy to show you some examples of our work.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligations site consultation or to book an inspection.


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